3rd International Forum on Exoskeleton and Human Augmentation Systems

We bring industry researchers, product developers with scientists and engineers together to gain valuable information on the latest trends and technologies in the fields of exoskeleton and human power augmentation. Demonstrate expertise, gain hands-on equipment experience, and establish new contacts, this forward-looking forum provides participants with face to face access to a wide range of leading suppliers offering practical solutions which are utilized to enhance human performance in industrial applications, replace humans from menial tasks, offer people mobility support, help people regain their strength and motor functions.

Running concurrently to the exhibition is the technology conference. A broad array of scientific tracks will cover diverse topics and attract researchers and practicing engineers from different disciplines to interact and exchange their latest results.

Become a part of the gathering delivering the most focused science and business content, coverage will include, but is not limited to:

  • Exoskeletons.
  • Assistive robotic devices.
  • Intelligent artificial limbs.
  • Wearable sensors and smart fabrics.
  • Performance monitoring, motion analysis.
  • Human-Robot interaction.
  • Biologically-inspired systems.
  • Rehabilitation and function restoration.
  • Functional components and materials.

Special Session: Intelligent Robotic Wheelchair

New engineering developments in research areas such as computer science, robotics, Artificial Intelligence and sensor technology offer opportunities to develop intelligent wheelchairs, hence there is a need to bridge academia and industry to explore an innovative way to translate emerging technologies into practical solutions that leads to an affordable modern wheelchair. This is where ROBOChair session comes into the play [...]