4th International Exhibition & Conference on Human Augmentation Robots

We bring together academic scientists, manufacturers & suppliers and end users to drive creative interactions among the technical and engineering challenges in the fields of robots and human power augmentation. Demonstrate expertise, gain hands-on equipment experience, and establish new contacts, this cross-discipline forum is dedicated to share practical solutions for design, building, integration and application settings, highlight future directions in developing next-generation health and human performance technology.

This year’s program will feature new themes covering a variety of topics of action-based technical sessions, product demos and user cases. The co-located Deployment Forum is designed to share or introduce practical solutions, techniques, or concepts which you can use to deploy assistive technology and robotics in your business.

We are looking forward to presentations on (but not limited to) these topics:

  • Exoskeletons, exosuits.
  • Intelligent assist devices.
  • Supernumerary robotic limbs.
  • Wearable sensors.
  • Biofeedback devices.
  • Smart fabrics.
  • Novel actuators, sensors, and mechanism, functional components.
  • Interaction and control of assistive robotic devices.
  • Human performance monitoring, motion analysis.

Collaborative Robots

Topics/content should fall under one or more of these broad areas:

  • Healthcare collaborative robots.
  • Industrial collaborative robots.
  • Soft robotics.
  • Strategies for Human-Robot collaboration.
  • Rapidly integrable solutions.
  • Evaluate, deploy, manage, and monitor robots in various applications.