3rd International Forum on Exoskeleton and Human Augmentation Systems

We bring together academic scientists, manufacturers & suppliers and end users to drive creative interactions among the technical and engineering challenges in the fields of wearable exoskeletons and human power augmentation. Demonstrate expertise, gain hands-on equipment experience, and establish new contacts, this cross-discipline forum is dedicated to share practical solutions for design, building and control techniques, system integration and application settings, highlight future directions in developing intelligent assistive robotic devices with the goal of enhancing human capabilities and restoring function.

Running concurrently to the exhibition is the technology conference. A broad array of scientific tracks will cover diverse topics and attract researchers and practicing engineers from different disciplines to interact and exchange their latest results.

Become a part of the gathering delivering the most focused science and business content, coverage will include, but is not limited to:

  • Exoskeletons & exosuits.
  • Assistive robotic devices.
  • Smart prosthetic limbs.
  • Exoskeleton & prosthetic intelligent controls.
  • Wearable sensors, biofeedback devices.
  • Human performance monitoring, motion analysis.
  • Functional components & materials.
  • System integration, application settings.

Special Track: Intelligent Control

Assistive and rehabilitation robotics cover a wide spectrum of topics. The main trend in the research has focused on intelligent control, task analysis, and the learning, performance, and reliability of assistive robots to realize the natural and precise interaction between humans and machines. The Special Track will cover both theory and method in the field of human-exoskeleton compatibility and interaction control, as well as their applications in healthcare and industrial sectors. [...]