Special Session on BCI & Assistive Devices

New engineering developments in research areas such as computer science, robotics, artificial intelligence and sensor technology offer opportunities to develop theory, technology, and science furthering the state-of-the-art in human-robot interaction. This special session aims to showcase the very best interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary development of applications of Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology and its benefits in various fields include but are not limited to exoskeletons and wearable robots, smart wheelchairs, artificial limbs, and robotic assisted rehabilitation.

With buyers and key decision makers representing the respective engineering systems in attendance, the exhibit hall offers a unique opportunity to showcase products and services, and create opportunities for expanded business in this industry.

This Special Session is the in-person component of our Dual Component Meeting Program. The last virtual component 'TECH DAY' took place online on 27 April 2021.